Playground Campaign
It's time for an update! Our current outdoor space is outdated and does not meet the needs of our students and the community. Starting in the summer of 2018, we will begin our Play Space For All Fundraising Campaign that will be broken up into two phases. Phase one will focus on the Nature Walk Space and Phase two will focus on the playground. The estimated costs for the play space is approximately $970,000.
Please consider partnering with us to make this a space for everybody to enjoy!

Our Current Gray Space:

  • Playground equipment is outdated and worn down
  • Not accessible for students in wheelchairs or with physical disabilities
  • Does not have a dedicated play space for PreK and Kindergarten students
  • Younger aged students currently share the same space as the older aged students
  • There is a lack of seating and shade for students, parents, and local community members who access the park after school hours
  • Blacktop is crumbling, uneven, and not safe for children to run around
  • This is the only large play space within a 3-4 block of the surrounding neighborhood with the potential of turf/green play space

Our Future Plans:

PHASE ONE: Nurtured By Nature

The Nature Walk Space will utilize the currently unused space on Dover St. alongside the school building. We hope to make this a calm and soothing space that will maximize outdoor learning while being surrounded by nature. Ms. Severns, our art teacher is also collaborating with BitSpace to have students work on building parts of the Nature Walk themselves!

Fundraising Goal: $70,000

PHASE TWO: All Can Play

The new playground will emphasize accessibility for students of all ages and abilities. We want to make sure that there is a play space for our younger aged students, athletic field space for the older students, as well as fully accessible and interactive equipment for our large population of students with disabilities.

Fundraising Goal: $900,000

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For more information or if you'd like to volunteer, please contact David Lee (dylee@cps.edu)