Behavior Strategies
Positive behavior intervention strategies (PBIS)

PBIS is the foundation of Courtenay Language Arts Center’s Tier 1 school wide system for positive behavior expectations.
  • Students and staff are expected to be Responsible, Respectful and Safe.
  • Courtenay is committed to teaching and reinforcing the behavior expectations throughout the school year in order to support students emotional and academic success.
  • ​Students can earn PAWS (school money) when they display respectful, responsible and safe behavior.
  • Paws can be used at the school store, lunchtime incentives, school wide incentives and classroom incentives.

Modeling expectations
  • All students go to "Expectation Stations" in September and January of each school year.
  • School wide expected behaviors are explicitly explained by staff members. Students visit all common areas of the school.
  • Expected behaviors are modeled through discussion, questioning, and providing examples to expected student responses to challenges.​

Teaching expectations
  • Each month, the PBIS handbook outlines mini-lessons teachers can teach in their classrooms. Mini-lessons are no more than 5 minutes and serve as a re-enforcement for school wide positive behavior expectations.​

Reinforcing expectations
  • Expectations are posted throughout the school in all common areas to remind students of what the school wide positive expectations are.
  • Teachers also reinforce school wide expectations by reminding students what is expected of them in school.