Activation Guide

The first step in submitting an application is to activate an account. This will create your family’s profile where you can add any students who are applying and view the programs to which they are eligible to apply. There are lots of important steps to follow in this process, especially when adding addresses for the primary parent/guardian and creating current vs. new CPS students. The GoCPS Activation guide is a great resource to help you complete these steps correctly.
​Application Guide

Once you are ready to apply, the GoCPS Application Guide is one of your best resources for understanding all the steps required to select and rank programs/schools, submit the application and schedule required events. Covering both non-selective enrollment and selective enrollment programs, this step-by-step instruction manual is perfect to print or view from a mobile device and use as a reference guide while completing the application process.

Elementary & High School Guide

This is one of the most extensive and detailed documents on the GoCPS site. The Elementary and High School Guide covers everything from application process, selection and notification details, to eligibility requirement breakdowns and a list of high schools by program. The guide also contains a glossary and FAQs to provide definitions and answers to common questions. By putting all of this information in one place, the goal is to have this single guide replace both the High School Guide and the Options for Knowledge Guide.