Welcome to The Courtenay Child Parent Center's webpage!

Courtenay CPC is dedicated to providing quality, standards-based education for every child.

Here at Courtenay we serve Pre-kindergarten children, 3 and 4 year olds. We have specifically organized classrooms and a robust curriculum that is molded to fit every child's individual learning style. Each of the four classrooms include interest centers designed to promote development of social/emotional, and cognitive growth. Our teachers and assistants are passionate about teaching and all are educated specifically in early childhood. We follow Creative Curriculum which stresses mastery of basic skills and critical thinking strategies necessary for children to develop their individual potential to the fullest.

Students are provided with daily opportunities to use language and literacy skills through meaningful activities. These skills provide the foundation for life-long learning.

We also have a very strong parent component, with a welcoming parent room and parent coordinator that works with you to build a successful home-school connection. There are daily activities and workshops that are informative and fun. We believe parent involvement is a critical component of the Pre-k program.

Please give us a call to schedule a date and time for a personalized tour!

(773) 534-5790