Dress Code
Dress Codes are an important part of the climate of schools. At Courtenay, it is no different. Our goal is to always provide an environment that is free of distractions, safe, orderly and conducive to learning.

Students may wear any loose fitting shirt in any color or pattern. Short or long sleeve shirts are allowed, but shoulders must be covered. Must cover the midriff, waist, back and cleavage, and must not be excessively tight fitting or see through. Tank tops are allowed but must be covered and with no cleavage showing, straps must be at least three finger widths wide (the student’s fingers will be used to enforce this rule as finger widths vary). Hoodies and jackets are allowed, but CANNOT be worn on the head while inside the school building.

Length of shorts, skirts, dresses shall not be shorter than the middle finger when arms are on the side of the body (this is considered appropriate length). Students may wear dress pants, skirts, jeans, capris or shorts that MUST be fingertip length. Shorts, skirts, and dresses should not be excessively tight fitting. If a skirt or dress has a slit, the slit must meet the same guidelines (fingertip above the top of the kneecap). Shorts must be worn at the waist (no sagging). If a belt is needed to hold shorts/pants up, one must be worn.

Flip-flops, slippers and hats are NOT allowed to be worn inside of the building (for safety precautions).

Students who fail to follow the school’s dress code policy will receive consequences as outlined in the student code of conduct. A student may receive additional consequences for violating the school’s dress code if the dress disrupts the educational process.